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A message from Dr. Spaeth:

For over 50 years I have been a medical practitioner, with special knowledge about eye health and eye disease, particularly glaucoma. I believe that I am skilled at listening to a patient’s concerns and considering how best to address them. I have performed clinical research and served as a mentor for many years. I have broad knowledge of the field of health care, with particular interest in helping people understand how to care for themselves well.


Though I am no longer practicing, I still get frequent requests for eye-related and/or health-related matters, and believe I have helped people move towards making good decisions. This almost always requires a conversation, or several conversations that extend beyond typed, chat-room communication, which are limited and rarely convey essential facts and nuances. I envision my role as one which will assist you as you move through the process of making an appropriate decision. I cannot make a decision for you.

For example, if you asked me whether I thought a specific type of glaucoma operation was right for you, I could not answer that question. However, I would discuss possible options and their outcomes, and I can tell you what I believe you need to know in order for you to best decide how to proceed in deciding what operation would best suit your current condition.

An essential step in good decision-making is having accurate, relevant, and significant information. I can understand that you may not wish to or are unable to provide the information I believe is needed. If that were the case, rather than comment without really understanding the issue, I will terminate the discussion and there would be no charge.

Working in a medical practice is not the extent of the work I wish to do. There is much more to be done. It is my privilege to be recognized for my longstanding efforts as a medical practitioner, and for my newfound mission to teach people what it means to live well and to take better care of themselves. I look forward to hearing from you, whether you wish to seek my counsel or not.


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