GLAUCOMA: What You Need to Know to Preserve and Enhance Your Health

Spaeth GL and Ichhpujani P.


Kugler, 2019

This book has two purposes: 1) to educate all those with glaucoma about glaucoma, so they have the best chance
to preserve their vision and their health, and 2) to educate readers about how to care for oneself well. While the book is written so that a person with an average educational background can understand it, health care professions such as doctors, optometrists and nurses, will find valuable, clinically effective guidance. Parul Ichhpujani wasn central in turning Spaeth’s concepts and methods into a printed text.


The book uses “glaucoma” as a way to talk about health and disease, and the critically important role played by the individual. As glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, even though almost all those with glaucoma should preserve their vision, clearly there is a need to educate the public. There is also a need to educate health care professionals so that those with glaucoma will in fact be able to preserve their vision and health. The book is critical of many present practices. I hope doctors read it and heed it. Were they to follow its suggestions patients would get better care than at present. Doctors might make less money, but they would be happier and less likely to “burn out.”